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4 Key Things Workers Should Know About ICE

4 Key Things Workers Should Know About ICE

President of the United States Donald Trump has been rough on immigrants when he started removing millions of undocumented foreigners by ordering Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE. Being the leading Maryland legal services has ever seen, we know sometimes the government can treat you roughly. ICE has been operating like this for over a year now. So, there is no better time for workers to know some important points regarding their rights and potential arrests or detentions they may face in future.

Here are 4 key points

1. If you ever find an ICE agent entering into a private workplace without the consent of the employer or the legal search warrant, better stop him or her. ICE agents do not have the authority to breach someone’s private space such as a kitchen of a restaurant without the consent from the owner or judicial warrant. Also, an ICE warrant is very different from an administrative immigration warrant. While only a judge’s warrant gives them the consent to search, ICE agents often illegally enter non-public areas and no one stops them due to misinformation.

2. People often forget it but they get the right to remain silent as well as get an attorney as soon as they are arrested. Use these rights because you don’t have to answer anything ICE asks. If the ICE officials do anything, it will be used against them later. So next time an ICE official arrives at your door banging and starts asking you personal questions, show them the rule book of Rockville legal services and simply refuse. 

3. Do not sign any document given by ICE without consulting your attorney. ICE also tries to force workers into signing documents. Just tell the officials to call your attorney before signing. You have all the right to deny to sign any document. 

4. Workers, as well as employers, have all the right to document every action of the ICE agents in their workplace. This condition stays the same for both legal and illegal entry. Everyone has the right to document all the moves of the ICE agents through photographs, notes, and videos. In case ICE agents have illegally breached your workspace, you can state again and again in the documented actions that the search is being performed without consent.

Final Note
So here we have some important and key things to know about ICE and your rights against them. You can explore more by getting a thorough knowledge of legal services Maryland from our experts.

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